For software-engineers, Pub/Sub has many advantages. The most obvious one is decoupling, another one is scaling. It is also simple to Use.

And, with Pub/Sub you will automatically use ‘Dependency Inversion’, one of the SOLID principles; as well as ‘Dependency Injection’, which often simplifies testing.


By and large, software-routines have to pass information. From one function to another, from one class to another, or from one module to some other module(s). Especially this latter case is annoying when it is implemented by calling a method of that other module. Then, we speak about tight (and static) coupling: the module effectively can’t perform without the other. When that “other” module is a stable, generic library, it is often considered as acceptable. Although it can disturb your (unit)-testing; by making it slow.

But how about two modules, that are under construction?
Then, both are not “stable” (as they might develop) and being dependent on unstable modules is bad. You can’t test independently, you may need to revise when the other is updated, etc. Well, you know the troubles …

To overcome this, the modules should be uncoupled or loosely coupled: Both modules are not allowed to call a function/method of the other one. (Which is easy:-). But still, pass information; which might seem impossible at first.

This is possible, as the modules do not depend on each other; instead, they both depend on the generic pubsub.Topic, as we can see on the next page


Now and then the same data is needed by multiple “consumers”. That number of “users” may even grow in future releases. A sensor-value, by example, that was initially only used in one or two routines, may becomes relevant input to many new, fancy features.

Imagine a module that handles (pushing) the brake. Initially, it was only needed to slow down the car. Nowadays it will switch off the cruise control, also. Perhaps, in the future, that same data might influence the volume of the radio; or is needed to automatically “e-call” 112, when there is a serious road accident. Or …

With Pub/Sub, it is easy to distribute data to more and more modules. Even to modules that aren’t yet imagined when you write that sensor-routine! Your current module only has to use pubsub.Topic.publish(), and that future module can get that data using pubsub.Topic.subscribe(); easy!


We have shortly introduced two advantages, now you have to think

  1. Are there disadvantages to this design-pattern?

  2. Can you mention some other advantages?


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