Agile System Architecting

There always has been some anarchy about the architect’s role –and even more distraction when we combine it with software and/or system. I’m not going to solve that. Not today …

Likewise, the terms System Engineer and System Architect are often interchanged. Some companies see system architecting as a broader, heavier role than system engineering, whereas others reverse that! Likewise –and to make the confusion bigger– some system architects describe their role as system engineering.
This also as ‘architecting’ doesn’t sound like a verb. Especially in the Netherlands: the architect is an acknowledged (but ambiguous) role, whereas the verb “architecturen” does not exist!

Besides, the time of the ivory tower architect is gone. But that doesn’t entail the activities are gone!
IMHO, we should minimize the upfront design/architecting work without disregarding the activity.

In this agile era, it’s even more important to explain: why and how “architecting” –at all levels-– should be executed. One of the reasons to write the blogs and articles here.


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