Modern Engineering

Software-engineering is a juvenile profession, with many new insights.

Most are recently discovered in generic software development; like ‘the web’. And written in a language (both computer and human), that is very contrasting with the technology-talk of typical “RealTime/Embedded” engineering. And so, often rejected or not seen as relevant.

Although their examples are too dissimular in many casses, the concepts can be useful. There is no valid reason not to incorporate their modern approach of software-engineering into our process.

Sovereign Software

All unmanaged, background software enabling modern life!

  • Traditional RealTime/Embedded software & their big successors

  • Compilers, Kernels, Drivers, code-analysers, …

  • Routers, PLCs, EMUs, the TCP/IP-stack, …

Traditionally, that “small” software was called “RealTime” and/or “Embedded”. Currently most of that software isn’t ‘small’ anymore, nor ‘embedded (in a product)’. Furthermore, all normal software appears to be realtime; mostly due hardware-speedup.

And, there is a lot of software, like (kernel)-drivers, compilers and SW-tools which isn’t embedded, nor realtime; but should have the quality that is equivalent to that old- school engineering. As everybody depends on it – directly (sw-engineering) or indirectly (a bug in a compiler will effect all end-users!).


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