Modern Engineering of Sovereign Software

Also knows as: “Modern Embedded Software Systems


See the ReadMe on what I mean with ‘Modern Engineering’ and ‘Sovereign Software’. And for the Copyright

Table of Content

Tensegrity, as inspiration


Tensegrity is a synthesis of the names ‘tensional’ and ‘integrity’. It is based on “teamwork” of tension and compression forces. Although the image may look confusing, these structures are very simple. All you need are some poles, some cable, and good engineering. This results in a beautiful ‘tensegrity-tower’ where the poles almost float in the air; as shown above

It is also a well-known architectural principle for skyscrapers!

For me, it is also an inspiration for Software-Engineering: It should be based on teamwork: a synthesis of creative and verifying people. Together with a methodical way-of-working the amplify each other. Then, the sky becomes a limit, which is easy!


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