An Agile SIA


XXX hour(s)

The SIA – an acronym for System (or Software) Impact Analyse – is an often used approach to get insight into the costs, risks, and possibilities of implementing a feature. It should result in a readable document to decide whether it adds value to implement that feature and offer options on how
But is also a document that is repeatedly incorrectly used.

The classical SIA isn’t very Lean nor Agile; certainly not when it became an (upfront) design document, as often …

On second thought, a good SIA is lean and agile. A short, up-front “think ahead” document makes it possible to postpone details to future sprints and assist the Product-Owner in picking the right solution without adding costs.
Let’s study how we can write an Agile SIA. One with business value.

“a Bumper” is not any Bumper (demo)

  • In this workshop, we design ‘a bumper’. Or actually: we write the SIA for it.

  • By using a not-software example, it is easier to not focus on the technicalities that shouldn’t be in the SIA anyhow

  • For mechanical engineers: I’m probably oversimplifying and missing relevant details. Sorry for that.
    I welcome feedback to improve!

  • The “bumper image” is from a 1967 Citroen 2CV, which is cropped and reused as permitted. Thanks!