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Applying BDD & TDD in legacy



As I described in Introducing BDD & TDD, understanding the common goals of Behavior & Test Driven Development and defining your specific needs is the first and most critical step to start using this essential discipline.
Whenever the goal is to use new tools, it is simple: purchase them, shop for some hands-on training, and you are done.

Our ambition is different: we want to become Agile and Lean.
Then, it depends on the starting point too. B&TDD in greenfield development is relatively simple: start writing your tests and code!

However, starting with B&TDD in (Modern) Embedded Software can be more challenging due to the existing and often extensive codebase that was developed before the emergence of B&TDD.
Then, the question ‘How to start?’ is more like ’How to get out of the waterfall?’

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