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An Agile SIA

The SIA – an acronym for System (or Software) Impact Analysis – is an often used approach to get insight into the costs, risks, and possibilities of implementing a feature. It should result in a readable document to decide whether it adds value to implement that feature and offer options on how
But is also a document that is repeatedly incorrectly used.

The classical SIA isn’t very Lean nor Agile; certainly not when it became an (upfront) design document, as often …
On second thought, a good SIA is lean and agile. A short, up-front “think ahead” document makes it possible to postpone details to future sprints and assist the Product Owner in picking the right solution without adding costs.

Let’s study how we can write an Agile SIA. One with business value.

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Requirements Traceability


1 hour

Requirement-Management, and especially “Tracking Requirements” isn’t that complicated, but it needs some discipline. Often that discipline is replaced by a tool, which is encouraged by tool-vendors. That hardly ever works.

This blog introduces requirements traceability in a conceptual, but pragmatic way. It shows –as a demo– what a team has to do (defining requirements and describing the relations) and what the benefit is. It assumes a (more or less) agile way-of-work and shows how it can become lean. A small investment in good requirements definitions makes validations a lot easier.

And yes, it used a tool: a free one; as part of the documentation-system that is used for this side. An structured, version-controllable, textual way to write documentation, including all requirements. With a plugin that can visualize all specifications and their relations.
Those “particulars” will be shown too.

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