Demo (life)

This section gives a demonstration of a simple (python) implementation of pubsub.Topic. It is available in two forms:

  1. A revealjs slide-deck of a Jupiter/IPython notebook

  2. An interactive notebook. This is the same notebook, which you can edit an run on public “binder”

You can also download the notebook, it is available on GitHub.


Same source, variable version

Due to practical details, the slide-deck below and the interactive notebook might be our-of-sync. Although it coming from the same source, it can be another revision; making the slides is partial manual.



  • Use ‘space’ to go to the next slide.

  • Use ‘?’ to see all keyboard shortcuts.

  • Click on the edge to open it in a new tab (and use ‘F’ for full-screen).

Interactive notebooks

Run-on binder: try it yourself


Or download Jupiter; e.g by Anaconda (especially for Windows), or pip

Anaconda downloads: (v2020.02;Python-3.7)

And play with it on your PC using this notebook. With the benefit, you can save your changes.
Surely, you can also Copy/Past the code, and use your favourite editor.


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