Demo: Some calculators

This chapter contains a few demonstrations of the Requirements Traceability concept.

We start with a very simple product: the Simple Calculator (CALC1); with only a few generic requirements and tests. By defining those “needs”[1] it becomes possible to show a (generated) graph with the relations between them.
Probably, you will be able to implement and verify this simple product without (formal) requirements-traceability; but it gives a nice introduction to the concept.

Then, a new product the Exact Calculator (CALC2) is defined, in the same way.
Even it has only one (puzzling) additional requirement; that one makes both the implementation and the validation burdensome. And changes the test-cases completely; as shown in its requirement-traceability graph.

Likewise, we could add more demo’s with more and more specifications, tests and need at multiple-levels; but you will get the idea: By simple ‘defining’ the needs, it becomes possible to get insight; independent of the size of the products or the numbers of specifications.

Finally, an overall graph is shown, with all the products, all the tests, and all the connecting needs.


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