Particulars of ‘needs’

The main objective of this blog is introducing “Requirements Traceability” in general; especially in an agile environment or when a roadmap of product-releases exists. That is done demoing 3 products, 9 requirements, 1 specification, and 5 tests. Also, some generated graphs and tables are shown.

Those ‘needs’ aren’t just text; they are ‘life’ defined and generated by a plugin called needs in the sphinx-doc documenting tool; which is just to generate this website. Partly, because I like this toolset. But also to show you that is can be done.

And despite this blog is not about (learning) a tool, this section will go a step deeper: It will show you how it is done; without becoming a tutorial on ‘sphinx’ or ‘needs’.
Possible, you like it and would love to play with the demo. Or, you are inquisitive whether this is truly not text-only.

The following pages show some excerpts of the “RST-code”, that is used to defined all ‘needs’. Feel free to study the ‘sources’ and learn from it.
I will even document the tricks needed for “The forgotten test”.


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