2 * 1 hour

This workshop is about the ThreadPoolExecutor (‘TPE’ for friends): a pool of workers implemented with Threads. This is a modern, advanced design-pattern available in many languages.

You will get an introduction to the concepts, to be able to use the ‘TPE’. Also, we study Python implementation, to practice design-analyse.

The example code is both available in Python and Java; more languages will follow. As the python-TPE is open-source and easy to read, that one is used for the design-analyse. In that exercise, you will analyse code to create some design-diagrams afterward.

Last, you may use this concept in a next DesignWorkShop …

As usual, this workshop has some sections named Questionnaire; those questions are meant to sharpen the mind. Thinking about the answer is more important that the answer itself.
Some exercises will have a possible elaboration; often that isn’t only good one. Again: think about it. And learn!

—Have fun, Albert


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