2) The Authentic Solution

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This second chapter of the SIA contains the first of the typical three solutions. It will resolve all needs as demanded in The Problem analysis.
But in another way than in “3) The Exact Solution” or “4) Plastic Fantastic”. ‘Other’, as in providing other business needs.

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The basic idea of this proposal is to shop for a second-hand (set of) bumper(s). We assume finding the Oldsmobile kind of bumpers is easy. They are doubtless bent or rusty, but we can fix that.

A huge advantage is they adhere to the classic ‘70-image of the typical muscle car. Would it be great to reuse the bumpers of a 1966 Pontiac GTO?

Pros & Cons

  • The cost of those bumpers is low, depending on their quality. A bit of restoration work will be needed, but nothing we can’t handle.

  • This solution fits the current “one of a kind” demands. It will not scale to mass production.

  • This reuse approach might fit nicely in the new “green, environmentally” concept.

  • As we need to search for (existing) bumpers, it is hard to predict exactly when we will find one (actually: 2).

  • There is even a (slight) risk we can’t find one. It is advisable to choose another option as a backup.


Complete this yourself


Even this very short introduction already shows we are communicating in “car language”, not into the details of the solution.


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