5) How To Choose

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This last chapter is a short overview and/or tips on “How to choose”.


Don’t advise on which solution is best!

Plz, do not get trapped in the pitfall to advise which solution is the best– all should be ‘great’. But ‘great’, for other (business) reasons. Some are cheaper, some are faster, etc.

You merely advise on how the PO (client/…) shall select one of the solutions. “When T2M is most important, …”, or “When you target the top market, …”, etc.

The 5 chapter template

We have presented three completely different solutions, each with its pros & cons. All do fulfil all needs as given in the 1ste chapter [1) The Bumper of a Muscle Car].
Now, it is time to decide which one you prefer to continue with – as a polite reminder: [We are in a hurry (BUMPER_April1)]. So, hope for a quick decision.

Therefore, we present some tips.


Which requirements are most prominent

Even though all requirements are met in every solution, some needs might have a bit more weight. So, let’s go over the most relevant ones.

Build to impress (BUMPER_chrome) & Impress me (BUMPER_SafetyImago)

When we like to impress on looks, the “Oldsmobile fenders” [2) The Authentic Solution] beets all other solutions. Whereas [4) Plastic Fantastic] is the most safe solution.

The brand-new chrome solution [3) The Exact Solution] is a nice combination for both requirements: safe and shiny.

We are in a hurry (BUMPER_April1)

Solution “2) The Authentic Solution” involves finding a second-hand “Oldsmobile bumper”. This should be easy but has a risk on timing. So, whenever we like to minimize risk, this solution isn’t preferable.
Whereas the high-volume [4) Plastic Fantastic] option is very, very fast and has no risk of meeting the deadline at all; therefore we even mentioned it as a backup scenario.

Give me options (BUMPER_Green)

As the bumper is important but not the most expensive part, you can also consider to play on safe. For example, use the cost-effective fast [4) Plastic Fantastic] solution as a backup, and select one of the other two as the main solution.
This guarantees a good bumper on time. And enables a risk-free great option.


Skip Front and Back (BUMPER_1is2)

It’s obvious, two bumpers are needed. All solutions are in harmony here. So the is no need to handle it here.

Other factors

scalable & future

Although it, is not a need, this ‘first eco-friendly muscle car’ is a first. And we assume (many) more will follow. Therefore we spend a few words on that too.

[3) The Exact Solution] & [4) Plastic Fantastic] are the most scalable. There is no upper limit on the number of bumpers we can deliver.
Price-wise, the plastic solution is cheaper. However, the piece price of a (new, labour-intensive) chrome bumper will go down when volume rises.


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