Demo: Make a bumper

This demo is (far) outside the typical software sphere to help you focus on the Agile SIA itself. With no typical software-engineering fixations, you shouldn’t be distracted by with SW-details.

At the same time, it is a technical challenge.
I assume you are familiar with this common car background.

We use ‘The 5 chapter template, but each chapter is extremely short. Please make your next SIA short too, but with some body text to make it more readable.

Before you write your 1st genuine Agile SIA, I advise you to practice on a software engineering topic. My training has one, but it isn’t published.



In this demo, our client is building an impressive Green Muscle Car. We just advised him to put his best men (and women) on the electric engine, the battery and the breaks. We also convinced him to trust us for non-core components, like the luxury, leader steering wheel, and the bumpers.

He agreed and asked us to write an Agile SIA for the bumper.



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