4) Plastic Fantastic

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This third solution, in chapter-4, is again a completely different approach to achieving the same needs.
Whether you like it, or prefer 2) The Authentic Solution or 3) The Exact Solution, is not relevant! That topic is not part of the (all) solutions, see the next (and last) chapter “5) How To Choose” for that!

The 5 chapter template


As might know, we have a department that can “3D print” big plastics, including standard bumpers – we deliver hundreds of them, for the aftermarket. Using this facility we can create safe, secure bumpers in any shape and size, in hours!
Although almost any colour (combination) of plastics is possible (making it robust, as the colour is “inside), it is not very shiny. But we can add a “chrome finish”.

This solution has several benefits. It is cost-effective and quick (far better than any other solution). But most important, it makes it easy to meet formal regulations (e.g. crash tests) as they are pre-validated. Combined with the great flexibility in mounting points, it makes assembling and validating the car easy.

Pros & Cons

  • It is fast, fast, fast. We can deliver the first version next week. It’s also cost-effective: An extra “try-out” version (not shiny) cost virtually nothing.

  • Also, assembling and validation become easy (see above).

  • It does meet all requirements –but it is a plastic solution, not a metal one. Plastic bumpers are generally considered more secure than metal, but your bumper magnets will not stick!

  • We can use this option as the backup of 2) The Authentic Solution.

  • We can also provide this option as a first, fast option and switch to another one whenever this one isn’t “shiny enough”.
    (in this case, we need to switch in sprint- 2 or -3; otherwise, we have to replan).


Again, this is just an outlook for the chapter. But we keep it (extra) short for training goals.


Can you see that the author is enthusiastic about this option?


Being enthusiastic is fine, but avoid the pitfall of “advertising”!


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